War on the East Coast - The New Pornographers 

I can’t get enough of this song! 

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The Can’t Tells - No Television

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Migos ft. Drake // Versace 

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I’m real and you’re real, but we don’t see each other anymore. I know that I feel like giving up on everything. 

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i know you’re all alone
but it’s a payphone i don’t care if you’re crying
oh that’s a lie

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Andrew Jackson Jihad have a new song out, called “Kokopelli Face Tattoo” it’s off their upcoming album Christmas Island, and it has a really cool “Neutral Milk Hotel”-y vibe to it.

Hey dude I hate everything you do
But I’m trying really hard to not hate you
Hating you won’t make you suck any less

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Andrew Jackson Jihad | Temple Grandin

open up your murder eyes and see the ugly world that spat you out

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I never was a drinker, now I’m an alcoholic
Drinking just to fall asleep
And hiding my smiles
'Cause you can probably smell this shit on my teeth
Drink it down, golden brown, my sweet whiskey
You feel nice on the inside
So nice on the inside
So nice on the inside, so let’s get pissed

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Michael Cera // 2048

In case you missed it, Michael Cera dropped an album.

Wait, this is awesome.

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Bomb The Music Industry! - (Don’t Destroy Yourself)

"I can run up to the river and throw rocks along the top,
and if they sink instead of skim the surface,
well, the next day I still wake up.”

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While the first two videos clipping. has released from ‘CLPPNG’ were for tracks of a more immediate “pop” friendly nature, their 3rd dives into the headier side of the group. Which is pretty subjective given that even their dancefloor friendly tracks are fucking weird. But the mindtwisting time signature changes constantly throughout “Story 2” make it one of the most impressive tracks on their new album, and a favorite among fans. The editing of the video emphasizes this prog style prefectly. It is the 3rd music video Cristina Bercovitz has done for the group, and she continues to make pure visual gold for them. Hopefully tons more collaborations between clipping. and Bercovitz to come!

clipping. have a ton of tour dates coming up, across America and Europe. Find out about them here (US) and here (EU)

clipping. on Sub Pop.
clipping. on Deathbomb Arc.

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thing i just spit out

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"I should probably say that I miss you,

and I could even rhyme that with kiss you

but these days that just seems too goddamn cheap”

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