Not Too Soon (Throwing Muses Cover) -  Jeff Rosenstock
(from the Summer EP’s bonus tracks) !!!

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Oh I, I never thought it would be possible
for my heart to feel so comfortable
like it does with you.


"100 Years 2: 200 Years" for song title of the year

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My greatest fear has never been dying alone
It’s drifting into the black with someone I barely know

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ok so jeff rosenstock and chris farren (fake problems/the “the smiths” tshirt fame) have a new project and i love it already???

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12 Etudes, Op. 8, No. 12 — Alexander Scriabin

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get this to 10,000 notes

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i miss you perfectly like a dream
it’s never as good or as bad as it seems
when you get bored just wait here with me
we will die and go back to nothing
thinning out

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Mother Mother || O My Heart

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Anamanaguchi - Rainbow In The Dark (Das Racist Remix)

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Oh my god, oh you think I’m in control, oh my god

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Some time ago some people dug up the original, unedited version of Katz’ theme song.

And since it’s October, there really isnt any better time to post it.

SO, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you:

Duo - Florence Caillon

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The Comfort of a Laugh Track - Roar

This and more amazing music at

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Bomb the Music Industry! - You Still Believe In Me?

I used to be an awesome listener,
But now I just drift in and out or get pulled away by beats and measures,
like I don’ t have a choice but failure and running from a brighter future.

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